Beachhouse Style Home Decor & Giftware

Beachhouse style home decor means simple and casual. It is beach front themes with a fresh relaxing casual coastal seaside or seashore feel for home decor.

Beachhouse Decore means simple designs and earthy materials particularly wood, glass, stone & metal. Marine animals, sea shells, starfish, and shore birds compliment this style. Nautical decor, such as Yachts and boats and marina quay lifsetyle designs are eligible. Please review our range of Nautical Gifts.

This year we are extended our range with more home decor and gifts for her See our pages for, Trinket Boxes, Coaster sets, Book Boxes and Gift Stationary. We also offer new budget canvas prints in a coastal theme.

Beachhouse Decor is an importer. Retailers can buy online at Gifts and homewares wholesaler Akcent Decor,

Here are some of this coming seasons new designs in the beach and coastal themes and nautical designs featuring more Ceramic Coasters, More Coastal Cavas prints, Bedside tables and our vibrant new retro nautical collection:-

Retro Nautical collection

Golden Sands Starfish Canvas prints

Coastal theme Side tables

Ceramic Coasters in tile topped display box

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