Beachgirl Figurines

Beachgirls of the 50s feature unique 1950s style swimming costume designs with our own unique costume designs. The collection is a limited edition set and ideal for figurine collectors.
Beach Girl Figurine Designs

Back by popular demand, the Beachgirls of the 50s feature unique 1950s style swimming costume designs with our own unique costume designs. The collection is a limited edition set and ideal for figurine collectors.
The Beach Scene.
The beach is much more than an Australian holiday destination. It is a pastime, an important part of our national culture and identity. Australias beaches also provide endless inspiration for photographers, artists, amp writers.
Prior Seasons Designs

Swimming Costume designs.
Australian Sea bathing was illegal until 1903 when it was allowed during the daytime, provided men and women were covered from neck to knee. As the years rolled by, swimming costumes (also called swim suits, bathers, togs or swimming cozzies) became gradually smaller and more stylish. Soon the arms became bare. Then a little more legs were shown. Each change was always challenged by a large section of the community.
In 1928 the first of the famous Australian Speedo swimsuits were produced. In the 1930s menrsquo s swimsuits although still commonly with skirts at the front, daringly left the whole chest bare.
In the 1940s some daring women wore two-piece bathers which showed some of their stomach. Then within 10 years the retro two-piece swimsuits (modest with a structured bra top and briefs that reached to the navel were all the fashion. In 1951 the outrage saw the bikins banned on Bondi Beach and even in the 1960s when the topless bikini had already appeared, local council officers carrying tape measures, were still ordering women off the beach if the side of the bikini was under 4 inches.
The 1950s Fashions
The 1950s were nostalgic times for fashions in one piece swim suits and the early modest bikinis. Beach hats and shoes were still glamerous. Swimsuit accessories were developing and a trip to the beach was a fashion parade. Of course Women dressed smartly in the Fifties, fashions were based on good grooming, heels and gloves were required and a tailored feminine and ladylike look was prized.
The Beachgirl Collection Stylish Collectibles
Our original 50s beach girl collections featured a series of four ladies looking very elegant and composed in their then daring swimsuits. Wonderfull nostalgic collectibe ornaments. This season we have added another three in unique designer outfits in typical beach poses.
Beach Girl Jennifer is wearing a Red Stripe one peice swimsuit with matching slippers and headband, featuring a broad shoulder strap. Beach girl Emily in white models another, daring for the 50s, two peice costume with black stripes around the mid-rift and a matching white headband with black polkadots. Beach girl Catherine in a yellow one peice swimsuit with white trimmings, proudly shows of the flower in her hair whilst she sunbakes.
From the earlier collection -Our pretty Beach Girls dreamy Cecilia wears the daring blue two piece swim suit with matching hat and shoes. Elegant Ellenor holding a beach ball wearing a dark striped one piece swimsuit with a headband to match the neck band of the costume. Isabella, striking in a red one piece bathing costume, has a hat and slippers to match. The sultry Lillian wears a stylish and breif black one piece design with the diamonds and dots pattern, and also has a cap and slippers to match.
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