Ceramic Coasters (Set of 4) – Bugs Boxed


Buy unique beach house decor including, nautical, fishing and Volkswagen and other coastal theme, decorating accessories direct from Coastal Designs Decor.

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A nicely presented gift at a budget price. The timber box with inlaid ceramic tile is a great design and perfect display box for leaving out on your coffee table as part of the decor. However this gift is more than a decor item, it is a usefull gift with 4 separate Ceramic Coasters, all with different images and all with little rubber protective feet.

The colourfull VW Beetle images make a great conversation starter as they were always a cute car that people remember fondly. Equally at home on the bar or the side table, in the kitchen or the living room. Wherever your having a coffee with a friend.


Condition:  new
Brand: Beachhouse Decor
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Length: 14 cm
Width: 13 cm
Height: 7 cm
Weight: 0.74 kg

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Author: Coastal Designs Decor. “Ceramic Coasters (Set of 4) – Bugs Boxed.”, Wholesale Beach House Decor Suppiers. BUY  Surfy Cars & Vans